Core Facilities

There are Core Facilities offered at several of our institutions. Some have a wide variety of Core Facilities, which will have a link to the full list for you to browse. Those that have fewer will have links to each of the Core Facilities offered at that institution. If you would like information on any of the cores listed below, please contact the associated MAC representative.

University of Wisconsin-Madison Dudley Lamming
Advanced Microscopy Core
Integrative Omics Core for Metabolism Research
Islet Biology Core
Mouse Metabolic Phenotyping and Surgery Core
Translational Research in Diabetes Core

Northwestern UniversityScott Budinger

University of North Dakota Holly Brown Borg
Behavior Research
Flow Cytometry & Cell Sorting
Imaging : Electron Microscopy & Light Microscopy
Human Tissue Repository
Mass Spectrometry

Iowa State UniversityHua Bai
The W. M. Keck Metabolomics Research Laboratory
Cryo-EM Facility
Roy J. Carver High Resolution Microscopy Facility

University of MinnesotaPaul Robbins
Kahlert Structural Biology (X-ray crystallography)
University Imaging Center
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility
Center for Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics
Histology and IHC Laboratory
DNA Sequencing and Analysis
Electron Microscopy
Flow Cytometry
Mouse Genetics Laboratory
GCD Bioinformatics Resources
Characterization Facility
Minnesota Nano Center
Minnesota Supercomputing Institute
University of Minnesota Genomics Center
Genome Engineering – Masonic Cancer Center
Translational Therapy Shared Resource – Masonic Cancer Center

Mayo ClinicNathan LeBrasseur
Advanced Genomics Technology Center
Biomaterials and Quantitative Histomorphometry
Materials & Structural Testing
Flow Cytometry/Optical Morphology, Biomedical Imaging, Electron Microscopy
Gene Targeted Mouse Core Facility
Immunocytochemical Laboratory
Antibody Core
Biomathematics Resource
Research Computing
Animal Imaging Shared Resource
Biomaterials Characterization and Quantitative Histomorphometry
Medical Genome Facility
– DNA sequencing (NGS and Sanger)
– Genotyping
– Gene Expression
– Cytogenetics
– Proteomics
Bioinformatics Core

Southern Illinois University, Medical School
Andrzej Bartke
Animal facilities: The Department of Laboratory Animal Medicine at SIU School of Medicine
Research imaging facility: The SIU School of Medicine Research Imaging Facility
Center for Clinical Research at SIU
Statistics and Research Informatics Core

Indiana University BloomingtonDaniella Chusyd
Biostatistics Consulting Center
Human Performance Laboratories
Tissue Processing/Cell Exposures
Oxidative Stress and Environmental Analysis Core
Investigative Toxicology and Pathology Laboratory
Center for Sexual Health Promotion
Center for Underwater Science

University of MichiganScott Leiser
Michigan Research Cores

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