2021 Virtual Symposium

A meeting report for the 2nd annual MAC symposium, authored by the presenters, is now published in the Journals of Gerontology: series A – read it on PubMed here.

The 2nd annual MAC symposium was held virtually via Zoom, on Thursday, February 18th, 2021. The recorded talks are embedded below. (all times Eastern Standard Time). Zoom link

12pm-12:10pm:    Welcome Address (Roz Anderson, PhD, University of Wisconsin)

12:10pm-1:10pm: Keynote: “Beyond the Calorie: Restricting specific dietary macronutrients to promote health and longevity.” (Dudley Lamming, PhD, University of Wisconsin)

1:10pm-1:30pm:   “Senescence Biomarkers as Determinants of Late-life Health and Function.” (Davis Englund, PhD, Mayo Clinic)

1:30pm -1:50pm: “Maternal Serotonin Protects Future Progeny from Thermal Stress by Modulating Histone Occupancy in Germ Cells.” (Srijit Das, PhD University of Iowa)

1:50pm -2:10pm: “Mitochondrial Transcription Factor A is Required for Alveolar Macrophage Development.” (Mariana Herrerias, PhD, Northwestern University)

5-minute break

2:15pm-2:35pm: “An Aged Immune System Drives Senescence and Aging of Solid Organs.” (Matt Yousefzadeh, PhD, University of Minnesota)

2:35pm-2:55pm: “Dysfunction of Microglial Proteostasis Drive Neuroinflammation and Cognitive Decline Following Pneumonia.” (Rogan Grant, Northwestern University)

2:55pm-3:15pm:  Caloric Restriction Induces Unique Transcriptional Responses Between Adipose Depots in Rhesus Monkeys.” (Josef Clark, PhD, University of Wisconsin)

3:15pm-3:35pm:  Fasting Drives the Metabolic, Molecular, and Geroprotective Effects of a Calorie Restricted Diet.” (Heidi Pak, University of Wisconsin)

3:35pm-3:55pm: “Human Aging: What We Can Learn from the Elephant.” (Daniella Chusyd, PhD, Indiana University)

3:55pm-4:15pm: “Peroxisomal Dysfunction Disrupt Mitochondrial Dynamics Through mTORC2.” (Peiduo Liu, Iowa State University)

4:15pm-4:20pm: Concluding Remarks (Paul Robbins, PhD, University of Minnesota)

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