The 2022 MAC symposium took place on April 1st, 2022, hosted virtually within Video recordings of most talks can be found below.

Keynote – Scott Budinger, MD, Northwestern University. “Pathobiology and Treatment of SARS-CoV02 pneumonia.”

Veena Prahlad, PhD, University of Iowa. “Organismal regulation of protein quality control mechanisms.”

Adam Konopka, PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison. “Clinical evaluation of mTORC1 for Geroprotection.”

Susan Eliazer, PhD, University of North Dakota. “Targeting Wnt4 as a Therapeutic Strategy for Rejuvenating Aged Muscle Stem Cell Function.”

Charlie Najt, PhD, University of Minnesota. “The Role of Lipid Droplets in Signaling and Aging.”

Jazmin Calyea, PhD, Ohio State University. “Age-related metabolic alterations in lung epithelial cells impact cell fate and resilience to DNA damage and fibrosis.”

Hua Bai, PhD, Iowa State University. “Peroxisome and Inter-Organelle Communication in Tissue Aging.”

Stella Victorelli, PhD, Mayo Clinic. “Sub-lethal mitochondrial apoptotic stress contributes to mtDNA release during senescence and drives the SASP.”

Rong Yung, MD PhD, Southern Illinois University. “Mouse Genetic Aging Studies: Development and Longevity.”

Luisa Morales-Nebreda, MD, Northwestern University. “Aging imparts cell-autonomous dysfunction to regulatory T cells during recovery from viral pneumonia.”

Colby Vorland, PhD, Indiana University-Bloomington. “Testing the causal relationship between fetal sex and maternal health and longevity.”

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